Month: November 2013

Are Garden Pods the next best thing to Summer Houses?

When garden pods came on the market, not many people knew what to think. They are basically round balls that you and your family or guest can sit in, whilst enjoying 360 degree views of your garden. The frame is usually built with wood and glass, and it’s extremely weatherproof and easy to maintain, but the cost could put a few potential customers off. Depending on the size, they can be priced between £5,000 and £20,000. Inside they are not the most spacious, especially at the top and the bottom where the sides come in, however, the sophisticated style is quite remarkable, and they’re certain to be in trend for many years to come. Garden pods are different than summer houses, they obviously both provide a space for people to sit down and relax, but summer houses are larger and cheaper, but perhaps are not quite as stylish. It must be said that we would recommend garden pods over summer houses if you are opting for a completely modern garden.

Are Summer Houses worth the Cost?

Today many British gardens contain summer houses so the demand has certainly increased, mainly because of how cheap summer houses are in today’s market. They can often seem like sheds with windows, and furniture inside instead of junk. However summer houses can actually be a lot different. The wood used is extremely thick and strong, while they are often well insulated, making them ideal for British summers and not just the summers in Spain or Greece. One benefit of summer houses is that you do not require planning permission, unless it covers half of the garden, which is not usually the case. Summer houses can be great spaces for gym equipment or your own interests or hobbies like photography or art, and they can be built to last. If you feel as though your summer house would be regularly used and it almost work as an important part of your home then yes they are worth the cost, but if they are going to sit there, collect junk over time and act as a rather expensive and large shed, then they will certainly not be worth the cost.

Cleaning up your Garden Leaves

If there’s any time where a garden can look messy it’s during winter and especially Autumn. If your garden is surrounded by trees, your lawn certain to be hidden by browning leaves; it can make your garden look untidy. There are a few steps you need to take to keep your garden tidy from Autumn into Winter, and firstly it is important to wait. There really is no point in tidying up heaps of leaves to find the next day there are more. There is going to be an untidy period, and you have to accept that. Then once the trees are extremely thin or perhaps even bare it’s time to collect the garden leaves. Of course hand collecting leave scan make it a quick and tiring process. Leaf blowers are relative cheap and they can help you organise the garden leaves into a pile, yet if your garden is mall and enclosed, it can just mean you’ve scattered them further. If you have a big garden, getting a few people to help you is important, and there is likely to be sacks of garden leaves but once they’re all collected your grounds will look a lot more pleasing on… Read more »

Creating a mature garden

A mature garden can suit a variety of homes, and by mature we do not mean it should look outdated, we mean mature in terms of its plants trees and shrubs. Creating a mature garden is not easy, and it can take time, but the right selection of plants can certainly speed up the process. Mature gardens are lively and green, and it usually involves a lawn or separate laws surrounding by thick bushes and trees. Thick hedges can be beneficial to a website and they can quite easily be cut to a certain shape, making your garden as a howl look a lot more presentable. A mature garden should combine countryside with privacy. The shrubs and plants may be within fenced boundaries, but it is important that they are as tall as the fences of perhaps taller, and hedges, shrubs and bushed can provide extremely beautiful and natural secluded surrounding. Fruit trees are a perfect addition to a mature garden, and yet they do take a long time to grow, or you may be able to purchase once that has just begun its life, meaning you won’t have to worry about starting from the very beginning.

Designing garden borders

To make a garden something of pure beauty it can be important to focus in on various aspects, one of which should be your garden borders. Of course, we’re not just talking about the wood panel fencing; we’re talking about what’s just inside of that border. Many people will opt for flowerbed borders, yet while they can be quite beautiful, they are not the easiest to maintain. One that is perhaps not as pleasing on the eye yet is easy to maintain can be pebble borders or even wood chippings. This can potentially mean the only thing you need to maintain in your garden is the lawn every once in a while. Borders can play a part in shaping your lawn, and they can certainly provide more style but a garden border depends on your needs. If you want to handpick flowers and create something beautiful then a flowerbed border is superb, while pebble or wood chipping border can also look presentable, yet only weeding will be required to keep it looking good.