Month: December 2013

Must Have Garden tools

Whether you’re an avid gardener or completely the opposite, you garden requires a certain amount of care and attention, and there are certain garden tools you should have to make sure it is regularly maintained. A cultivator, a fork and a trowel are ideal for getting weeds, turning the turf and they’re essential if you want to start growing your own vegetables. Another important garden tool is a set of gardening gloves. They should be strong in material, perhaps similar to goalkeeping gloves meaning you have less chance of getting sore blisters from heavy lifting work, while thistles will not be a hindrance. A spade and shovel often come together, much like salt and pepper, and you should have both. There’s going to be tough ground, and occasionally dirt that needs moving and placing into a wheelbarrow (which is another essential tool). You should also have a lawnmower and a trimmer to make sure your grass is well as well as your shrubs and bushes. If you feel unequipped in the garden you certainly won’t after purchasing these essential garden tools.

Gardening to Stay Fit and Healthy

Recent research has suggested that 4-5 hours a week of gardening can help reduce the risk of kidney stones, and it has made us think differently about gardening, and its healthy benefit’s Gardening is a large term, it’s pretty much of the same scale as ‘cleaning’; there are so many different tasks within the term gardening, including: Digging Planting Weeding Watering Mowing Painting (sheds and fences) Trimming shrubs Each of these tasks can help improve body strength and fitness. You can increase your flexibility, strengthen your joints, decrease cholesterol levels, lower the chances of diabetes and increase stamina. We recommend gardening as valid workout for any individual, plus your garden is going to look better in the process.    

Getting Green, Green Grass

Annoyingly grass is not always as green as we want it to be. There’s nothing better than looking out over your garden to see a really vibrant green lawn, looking healthy and fresh. To get the lawn you dream of or to transform your existing discoloured lawn, make sure you follow our pieces of advice. Mow your lawn regularly. This is an important factor, but your should also make sure your lawnmower blade is sharp, because you don’t want to tear the blade, you want to cut it precisely, and you should ideally stick to the general rule-of-thumb and cut the grass down in size to between 3 and 4 inches. Lot of water will also help make sure your grass stays green. If you water deeply the soil will not dry out and the roots will not dig down deep because there will always be water available near the suface. You can also add compost to the lawn throughout the four seasons to help build up the soil quality whilst adding nutrients to the grass at the same time.