Month: January 2015

Gardening Jobs for January

Trees and Shrubs Remove dead and untidy branches. Support any shrubs which have become loosened by the wind and stake them if need be. Hedges Tough, deciduous hedges like privet and hawthorn can be hand pruned in mild weather. Fruit Prune apple and pear trees. Feed trees and bushes and also strawberries with sulphate of potash. Force rhubarb plants by covering the crown of the plant with an upturned bin or bucket. This will force the pink stems to grow and they should be ready in about 8 weeks time. Annuals and Biennials If this has not already been done, then prepare beds for Spring sowing. After a severe frost, firm biennials which were planted in the Autumn. Dahlias and Begonias Inspect stored tubers for rotting, mould and for drying out. If tubers are withering, soak them in tepid water overnight, allowing them to dry before putting them back in store. Roses This is the time to prune rose bushes. Remove any crossed or dead branches and cut back to just above a bud. Lawns Re-shape lawn edges if they are beginning to look a little ragged. Greenhouse On sunny days ventilate the greenhouse.