Month: February 2015

Three Easy Plants for Children to Grow

Sunflowers These large seeds which are easy for young children to pick up and plant can be sowed straight into a prepared bed towards the end of Spring.  However, they can be started a little earlier in the season by planting the seeds in pots and placing in a greenhouse or on a window sill indoors.  Once the seedlings reach about 10 – 12 cm, they can be transplanted to bigger pots or planted in the prepared beds.  They will need protecting from slugs and snails and from late frosts.  Once the plants are established well, they will need supporting with canes.  Make sure they are watered regularly during dry spells. Nasturtiums These can be sown in prepared beds or sown in planters or pots on the patio.  They are quick growing and produce an array of very colourful flowers all Summer long.  You may have to pick off the cabbage white caterpillars that are attracted to the plants later in the season. Sweet Peas Sow these seeds straight into the ground in a sunny spot in the garden.  They will need some kind of support behind them, either in the form of netting or a fence with lines of… Read more »

Awnings from Markilux Brand – Four Wonderful Choices for You

Do you want to find the best awnings on earth? If so, you should check out Markilux awnings. Produced by Markilux, the largest producer of awnings in Germany, these products are elegant, innovative, functional, safe, and dependable. For more than a quarter of a century, Markilux has been making life on the patios and balconies more comfortable and pleasant. Marklilux is now an international brand. Its presence is felt strongly here in the UK and elsewhere in the world. Besides owning a dedicated team of master craftsmen and designers, Marklilux also uses materials that meet the highest standards of quality. If you intend to add an awning to your outdoor area, there are four main types you could choose from Markilux awnings collections. Each is briefly discussed as shown below.