Month: March 2015

A Perfect Guide to a Beginner on Buying Garage Doors

Generally, when you are choosing garage doors, some of the factors you have to put into consideration are your type of house, your budget and your space. There are reputable dealers such as Garador garage doors who are specialists in all types of doors. Garage doors are available in four different styles namely: the roller doors, up-and-over doors, side-hung door and the sectional doors. These styles of doors are either made of steel, glass-reinforced plastic or wood materials. If you live in New Zealand and you have a small garage. Consider Garador garage doors for space restricted doors. The professionals will most probably recommend roller garage door. It has no over hangs or out swings hence it is very suitable for a small space garage. It opens by rolling straight up a drum. A sectional garage door does not feature out swings too and so it may also be appropriate for a small garage. The difference between the two types of doors comes in the manner which they are kept once they are opened. 

Starting a Garden Project

Once the weather turns warmer and the threat of snow and ice begins to disappear, keen gardeners and proud householders start to think of planting in the garden and making landscaping improvements.  Landscaping has become big business over the last 20 years or so, with the rise in popularity of garden make-over shows on TV.  Block paving of front gardens and timber decking over the patio seem to be almost obligatory these days.  Full landscaping may seem daunting, not to mention expensive, but it is possible to effect small changes by landscaping or making alterations to a small area of a garden. If you want to make some small changes to the outlook from your kitchen window, why not consider some of these small, easily manageable projects? Make a barbecue area using paving slabs, stone or decking. Build some raised planters to alter the aspect of your garden and to add interest by having beds at different heights. Make use of a pergola or a decorative arch to separate different areas of a garden. Use screens or trellis to hide the bins or conceal an untidy area. Build a rockery and plant heathers and alpine plants. Have a small pond… Read more »