Month: April 2015

Attract Wildlife to the Garden by Installing a Pond

Wildlife finds ponds extremely attractive!  Even if you only have a small pond in your garden, it will still be a haven for many species of insect and animal. The ideal position for a pond is in a sunny spot in the garden.  Disguise any straight edges by planting around the edge of the pond, both in the water and outside.  In order to attract several varieties of wildlife, make sure you have a shallow or muddy area where the water is no more than 2 or 3 centimetres deep.  Frogs, dragon flies and water beetles all require shallower areas for part of their life cycles. Frogs need ponds to breed and tadpoles feed off the algae in the water.  Frogs also need deeper water as they spend the Winter at the bottom of garden ponds.  Make sure you have plenty of plants around the edge of the pond where frogs can shelter and hide from predators. Dragon flies, in particular, are attracted to ponds in sunny areas.  Birds require water for both drinking and cleaning their feathers.  Insect eating birds, like blue tits, house martins and sparrows, are often attracted to ponds because of the abundance of insect life… Read more »