Month: May 2015

Growing Cucumbers Outdoors

Sow seeds in 10 cm plant pots, filled with seed compost, in April and place outside in a cold frame.  Harden off the seedlings during May and plant out during the first week of June. Make sure you prepare the bed well.  Dig over, so the soil is loose and not compacted and enrich with plenty of garden compost.  Once the bed is prepared, set the young cucumber plants 60/70 cms apart, in rows that are 90cms apart. You will need to protect against slugs, which are rather partial to young cucumber plants. When the young plants have 4 or 5 leaves, pinch out the growing tips. They will then grow 3 or 4 side shoots.  Make sure you water regularly especially during dry weather.  Cucumbers carry both male and female flowers.  Help pollination by picking off some of the developed male flowers and shaking the pollen onto the female flowers.  If you have shoots which do not have young cucumbers growing, then pinch out at the seventh leaf.  Cut cucumbers while they are young to encourage more cropping.  Your first cucumbers should appear in August and you may be cropping until October.  However, the plants will not survive once… Read more »

Choosing Great Awnings Isn’t Hard To Do

Have you been trying to get covers around the surface of your home to keep the sun’s intense rays from getting in the way? You need the right covers to make it easier for you to enjoy all the things on the outside of your home. Some covers can also add to the curb appeal of the property. You can choose awnings that you know are attractive and fashionable around your home if you just look around to see what is open for your use. Apply Them All Around The concept of awnings is easy to figure out. They are often added to the top parts of windows, doors and other spaces around the bottom part of a home. These can be designed with slanted bodies that will move down from the base on the side of the property. They can be as long or wide as desired. You can really make this work well around your home but it will typically be added around the bottom floor, what with people being more likely to be outside on that part. Of course, this also helps to keep the foundation cool so the rest of the home will not be at… Read more »