Month: July 2015

Making a Rockery

Constructing a rockery in an area of your garden will create added interest and it may allow you to grow more sepcialised plants, like alpines. The ideal place to locate a rockery is on a slope which gets full or partial sun. It pays to plan your rockery with care. You should be able to source rocks and stone from your local garden centre, builders’ merchants or even from a local quarry. The best rocks are those which are rough and have “character” but do be aware that building a rockery is very heavy work and you may have to limit rocks to a size which can be lifted. Start laying stones at the front of the rockery, ie, at the bottom of the slope and work your way upwards. Leave gaps and pockets of soil for planting. Make sure you anchor the rocks securely in the earth by embedding them in the soil until only a half or a third of the rock can be seen. Work on sections of the rockery at a time, placing rocks and adding compost, before going onto the next section. The best plants for your rockery are slow-growing and thrive in dry, sunny… Read more »