Month: August 2015

Keeping on top of your gardening

Gardening often seems like a never ending task with many of us having to do it on a weekly basis just to keep on top of the grass let alone the flower beds. If like me, you have many flower beds that have a lot of exposed soil you will find that weeds literally seem to pop up overnight. Weeding can be hard work, but if you do it often it doesn’t take to long. But if you leave it months on end you will find that it often takes more than a day to do a relatively small area. There are things that you can do to try and avoid weeds popping up. Weed killer does work but can be very toxic to animals and children so always read the label very carefully. Putting down bark is another way to cut down on weeding but you will need to dig up the soil and put a weed blanket down underneath to stop them coming through.

Considerations when Choosing Lawn grass

A lawn provides a valuable addition to any home but only the right turf will make it as aesthetically appealing as it should be. Making the right decision in choosing the lawn grass will not only improve the looks of the home but also improve its value greatly. Here are some factors one must bear in mind when settling on the right kind of grass to have in their lawn. Type of seeds and how they grow There are different kinds of seeds available in the market each of which grows differently. There are those that grow from sods, sprigs or plugs while others grow from actual seeds. Any will give positive results depending on the type of soil on which it is grown and proper preparations. Talk to your lawn grass contractor on what is best for your land needs before making the final decision.