Month: September 2015

Essential Tools for Gardening

You may have just moved in to your first home or re-located from a first floor flat to a house with a garden and be faced with the daunting prospect of keeping up with the garden.  It is important to keep your garden tidy and trimmed, if you do want it to become something which would not seem out of place in “Sleeping Beauty”! For gardening, there are some essential tools which you will need. If you have a lawn, you will need a lawn mower and it is important that you buy a model which suits the size of the garden and which is easy for you to manoeuvre.  A mower with a grass collection box will save you having to rake up the grass clippings every time you cut the lawn. You will need a garden spade for digging.  Make sure that it is not so heavy that you easily become tired after just a few minutes of using it.  A smaller border spade may suit you better than a full size digging spade. A hoe can be a very useful tool for weeding, particularly if you begin to use it early in the season and continue using… Read more »