Month: October 2015

Raking up Leaves

Raking up leaves which have fallen into your garden is a necessary chore at this time of year and, even though you may consider it tiresome, at least it will build up some sweat, burn some calories and keep you warm while outside! Do clear up leaves which have fallen onto the lawn as too many left on the grass will eventually prevent any new growth and will kill the grass underneath.  It is also advisable to keep steps and paths free from leaves which can become wet and slippery.  Do clear large clumps of leaves and any leaves which may be covering small plants but you can allow leaves which have fallen onto other parts of your flower beds to stay there so that they are available for earthworms to pull down into the earth, giving the soil much needed nutrients and aeration. It’s fine to add a shallow layer of dead leaves to the compost bin but you must not add too much.  You could create a separate leaf pile bin using wooden posts and chicken wire. The dead leaves will break down to become leaf mould which is very good for plants like lilies or you can… Read more »