Month: December 2015

Ideas for a “concrete” garden

It can be very exciting buying your first house, though it may also feel a little daunting recognising the responsibility of being a home owner. If you are a first time buyer then it is likely that your first property will be small, possibly a small terrace house or a small one bedroomed ground floor flat or a maisonette. Hopefully you will also own a little slice of garden or yard to call your own. You may be disappointed to see that it is little more than a yard with paving slabs hemmed in by brick walls or a solid, wooden fence. However, don’t despair as there is a lot you can do to add a splash colour and make a tentative start into the world of gardening without spending a lot of money. Consider adding a hanging basket or two or maybe even small planters which can be fixed onto a wall or a fence. This will add a splash of colour at eye/head level. Plant miniature bulbs in the Autumn for Spring flowers or bedding plants (petunias, lobelia, pansies, etc) in May for Summer flowering. You could also buy a selection of pots in a variety of sizes…. Read more »