Month: August 2016

Hörmann Sectional Garage Doors

If you’re in the UK and are looking for sectional garage doors, go with Hörmann to guarantee quality. Hörmann is one of the top brands for garage doors, component-parts, accessories and frames throughout Europe. From a standing-start in the UK garage door market in the year 1979, they’ve become the brand-name synonymous with quality German design & manufacture. These garage door types are known for their durability, strength and innovative mechanisms in both manual and automated door openings. They have now forced the British brands to play catch-up and are currently the most requested garage door brand in the UK. Hörmann revolutionised the garage-door market by manufacturing a high-quality, well-priced sectional garage door. They did this by taking the 1930’s design of a sectional garage-door and then turned it into an affordable, easy-to-install domestic garage door which offers the huge benefits of all-round rubber draught seals, much improved insulation, security and a wide range-of colours & finishes. The Hörmann LPU40 sectional garage door range provides the very highest levels of insulation, security, safety and style. This is the flagship sectional garage door within the Hörmann range of domestic-garage doors! Twin-walled with 42mm thick double-skinned, rigid CFC-free core & soft rubber-gaskets… Read more »