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How to Improve Conservatory Insulation

Improving conservatory insulation can improve the way you live in your home, allowing you to make more use of your conservatory and enjoy it in the most beneficial ways for you. If a conservatory is boiling hot or freezing cold, it’s not likely that you are going to enjoy using it, and therefore it really is in your best interests to make sure your conservatory is as well insulated as possible. These are some the ways in which you can make your conservatory better insulated, and better suited to you: Insulated doors and windows. Make sure the doors and windows you have installed have a good energy rating. Older doors and windows will let in draughts and won’t be very warm during winter. You can also choose to have specialist types of glass, or you might decide to have window blinds to help with shade in summer. Roofing. Much of the issues with a conservatory can occur with the roof. Lots of heat will escape from here in the colder spells, and when it’s sunny, the sunlight streaming through the roof may feel pleasant for a few minutes, but long term, it will be unbearable. By sorting out your roofing, you… Read more »

Glass Rooms – What are They?

Glass rooms are, in many ways, similar to conservatories. They share the same kind of feel – glass, lots of sunlight, bright and airy. However, they take the idea of a conservatory to the next level, making it feel even more open and enjoyable. It’s essentially like bringing the outdoors right indoors. Glass rooms are distinguishable from conservatories by their seamless and bright appearance. They use no brickwork or solid walls, which is how they achieve such an open feeling. It’s a better option for people who think conservatories are too closed in, or who don’t want to build an extension onto their existing building. It’s entirely possible to get a glass room built without planning permission. Usually, they can just be added onto the side of a building without the difficulty of adding on a conservatory or orangery. They are quick and easy to construct if you hire an installation company that is reputable.

Fixing A Leaking Conservatory Roof

A sustainable, hassle-free solution to repair a leaking conservatory roof is to replace the entire roof. Refresh is a conservatory roof replacement specialist who can replace your polycarbonate conservatory roof without making any adjustments to the actual structure of the conservatory. “Lifting the lid” on your conservatory roof and replacing it with high quality glazing is a relatively simple, quick solution to improve the performance of your conservatory and prevent leaks. Furthermore, most conservatory roofs in the UK come with a ten year guarantee minimum, so that you have complete peace of mind that you are purchasing a quality material.

Diagnosing A Leak In Your Conservatory Roof

When you have a leaking polycarbonate conservatory roof, it can seem like a frustrating, mad hunt to find the root of the cause as you may not be able to see any visible cracks! The first challenge is pinning down exactly where the leak is coming from. A leak at the finial point can be a sign that you have a poor quality sealant under the ridge end cap or where the finial attaches to the ridge body. Alternatively, the leak could be coming through the conservatory roofing material, which means that you need to replace your conservatory roof. It is highly recommended that if you have a poorly performing, leaking conservatory roof, to consult with a conservatory roofing specialist such as Refresh who will assess the state of your conservatory roof and advise you on how to get it fixed.

Uses for a Conservatory

For many people, the conservatory may often be an area of the house with no clear function and it can end up as a dumping ground for children’s toys, a place to air clothes or store bulky objects like bikes or pet supplies. It is no surprise that people may not want to spend time sitting and relaxing in the conservatory if they are surrounded by wet washing and bags of dog biscuits! The best conservatories are those which have a distinct use. It may be that the conservatory is an extension of the kitchen and is the ideal place to locate the dining table and dining chairs. If your conservatory receives sunshine through most of the year then it may be the perfect location for a garden room, with a tiled floor and comfortable occasional armchairs and a glass coffee table. Use house plants as accessories to help “bring your garden into your home”. If you work from home, then you might want to make your conservatory your study. The view overlooking the garden may just give you the inspiration and motivation that you need for working efficiently. A conservatory can be an ideal playroom, especially if attached to… Read more »