Cleaning up your Garden Leaves

If there’s any time where a garden can look messy it’s during winter and especially Autumn. If your garden is surrounded by trees, your lawn certain to be hidden by browning leaves; it can make your garden look untidy.

There are a few steps you need to take to keep your garden tidy from Autumn into Winter, and firstly it is important to wait. There really is no point in tidying up heaps of leaves to find the next day there are more. There is going to be an untidy period, and you have to accept that. Then once the trees are extremely thin or perhaps even bare it’s time to collect the garden leaves.

Of course hand collecting leave scan make it a quick and tiring process. Leaf blowers are relative cheap and they can help you organise the garden leaves into a pile, yet if your garden is mall and enclosed, it can just mean you’ve scattered them further.

If you have a big garden, getting a few people to help you is important, and there is likely to be sacks of garden leaves but once they’re all collected your grounds will look a lot more pleasing on the eye and you won’t have to see another leaf in your garden until spring.