Understanding Glass Rooms

Glass rooms are developed using commercial glass technology and special sealant applied to produce rooms made exclusively of glass, which satisfy strict structural and thermal regulations with a totally unique and practical design. Frameless category of rooms has the added advantage of being able to view the room from the outside through the glass. This is the main reason the glass houses are favoured by the planners, especially on sensitive buildings.

The design of glass houses is as versatile and varied as your imagination. It consists of a wide range of styles, features and shape style combinations to allow you create a true style of resort haven exclusively for you. Whether you choose to build your room with glass only, or a combination of glass and screen, glass is guaranteed to complement your home.

Types of glass rooms

You can either choose to create single or double glassed room. Double glassed rooms have the advantage of more heat retention; while single glassed have a simplicity that gives it a very striking appearance. Double glassing of the sides is composed of structural units hence they do not require to be joined using glassing bars. They only need silicon joint. Single glassing is 15 mm hardened glass which is not only very strong and simple, but also cheaper.

The role of the designer

Good glass room designs are made to be a visual enhancement, both beautiful and functional to a variety of needs regardless of whether they are commercial or residential uses. You can opt for customized glass rooms which are made according to your specifications and as such suits the space available. The designer will also help you utilize properly every aspect of the space you have available, regardless of whether it is big or small. A good designer has a wide variety of glass rooms’ options available, such as finishes, materials and features, so that you can choose the perfect room for your commercial office or residential home.

Common glass room services

  • · Advice on maintenance and care of the rooms
  • · After sale services, such as repair of any faults
  • · Full service design and customization processes
  • · Glass rooms and glass roofs of any size, feature or shape, both for residential and commercial spaces

The sight is amazing

Glass rooms give you a spectacular sight. You will essentially be in the garden whilst still indoors. The rooms can be designed to appear as though the glass rises out of the ground, projecting out of your wall creating a complete room, made fully from glass. In fact, there are few things that are as beautiful as sitting inside an all glass house.


With the latest technology, you can get a beautiful glass room that is attached to your home. This way you will be able to enjoy the magnificence of nature all the year round. You can also make a garden room, where beautiful flowers flourish due to the influence of warm rays of the sun. Make your office or home very comfortable with the wide selection of customizable and handy glass rooms.