What are the Benefits of Thermowood Cladding?

Thermowood cladding has many benefits for residential and commercial buildings alike. It looks good and is very strong as well. If you are looking for a functional yet attractive cladding option for your building, consider these points: It’s strong and durable. Thermowood is heat treated to make it stronger, so it will last longer and withstand harsh weather conditions. Thermowood is incredibly attractive. The wooden cladding look is very fashionable at the moment and many commercial buildings and homes are using it – especially blocks of flats. It’s a stylish option that won’t go out of style. It’s environmentally friendly. Thermowood just uses heat and doesn’t use any chemicals. This means it’s good for the environment. The trees used to make it are also grown in sustainable forests. If you...

Metal Gates for a Traditional Garden

Metal garden gates can look beautiful and classy. They will lend a home just the right kind of aesthetic if you live in a traditional property, like a cottage or an old townhouse. Choose wrought iron-effect gates for the most traditional kind of look for your property. Here are some shopping tips when you are looking to buy quality metal gates: • Look online. This is where you will find the most choice. Different websites sell gates and will be able to offer you different prices. • Browse. See some gates in person and decide on the look you want. There will be different colours available but wrought iron is usually black. • Check the size you need. Measure the opening where you are going to fit the gate. If...

Terrace Covers for the Garden

There are many ways to shade a terrace by using various types of terrace covers. The strategies, ideas, and resources will make your patio the most pleasant place. Patio covers will defend your patio from the natural world. These covers include covering, awnings & furniture covers. Everlasting covers comprise of pergolas, arbours & gazebos and Detachable covers comprise withdrawal awnings & fabric awnings.

How Does Your Restaurant Awnings Supplier Measure Up?

An awning for a restaurant is not only about protecting customers from natural elements like the sun, rain, wind, or snow, but it also serves as a highly effective marketing and branding tool. And just as the awning is important in attracting customers to your restaurant, an awning supplier is an important component in delivering the customised solution that fits your clientele. To ensure that you receive the best service and quality, you need to find the right awning supplier to entrust with your next commercial awning project. 

Wooden Garden Furniture – Make a Statement this Summer

Wooden garden furniture looks beautiful and can add the perfect finishing touch to your garden, courtyard or balcony. Wood will never lose its appeal so you can rest assured that when you buy wood, you will be making an investment in your outdoor space for the foreseeable future. Wooden patio furniture is a great idea as it will look stylish and last a long time as well. You could get a matching set to transform your whole space or you could simply choose a few chairs to give you a space to relax. Wooden chairs with cushions are also very popular, giving you the option to have a kind of outdoor sofa area. You can also choose wooden accessories to go with your main chairs and tables, such as smaller...