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So you’re looking for that certainly something for your living room – you don’t know what it is you’re looking for as such – a piece of interesting furniture perhaps – all you know is that you’ve not found it yet. Tired of those mass produced items that lack the kind of quality that’ll see them lasting long into the next fashionable design season; you make a vain attempt to scour.

Fixing A Leaking Conservatory Roof

A sustainable, hassle-free solution to repair a leaking conservatory roof is to replace the entire roof. Refresh is a conservatory roof replacement specialist who can replace your polycarbonate conservatory roof without making any adjustments to the actual structure of the conservatory. “Lifting the lid” on your conservatory roof and replacing it with high quality glazing is a relatively simple, quick solution to improve the performance of your conservatory and prevent leaks. Furthermore, most conservatory roofs in the UK come with a ten year guarantee minimum, so that you have complete peace of mind that you are purchasing a quality material.

Diagnosing A Leak In Your Conservatory Roof

When you have a leaking polycarbonate conservatory roof, it can seem like a frustrating, mad hunt to find the root of the cause as you may not be able to see any visible cracks! The first challenge is pinning down exactly where the leak is coming from. A leak at the finial point can be a sign that you have a poor quality sealant under the ridge end cap or where the finial attaches to the ridge body. Alternatively, the leak could be coming through the conservatory roofing material, which means that you need to replace your conservatory roof. It is highly recommended that if you have a poorly performing, leaking conservatory roof, to consult with a conservatory roofing specialist such as Refresh who will assess the state of your...

Hörmann Sectional Garage Doors

If you’re in the UK and are looking for sectional garage doors, go with Hörmann to guarantee quality. Hörmann is one of the top brands for garage doors, component-parts, accessories and frames throughout Europe. From a standing-start in the UK garage door market in the year 1979, they’ve become the brand-name synonymous with quality German design & manufacture. These garage door types are known for their durability, strength and innovative mechanisms in both manual and automated door openings. They have now forced the British brands to play catch-up and are currently the most requested garage door brand in the UK. Hörmann revolutionised the garage-door market by manufacturing a high-quality, well-priced sectional garage door. They did this by taking the 1930’s design of a sectional garage-door and then turned it into...

Water features for the Garden

Most home owners are keen to stamp their own style on their home, reflecting their eclectic tastes and the personality of the family living within its walls. The same can be true of the garden though for many people they often require a garden which is also easy to maintain and look after. A water feature can be a focal point of interest in a garden and easy to maintain. For many of us, the sound of running or trickling water makes us feel tranquil and serene and reminds us of babbling brooks and splashing in streams as children. Running water can be mesmerising and we often find it hard to resist putting our hands into cool, flowing water. Even if you have a relatively small garden, you could probably...