Glass Rooms – What are They?

Glass rooms are, in many ways, similar to conservatories. They share the same kind of feel – glass, lots of sunlight, bright and airy. However, they take the idea of a conservatory to the next level, making it feel even more open and enjoyable. It’s essentially like bringing the outdoors right indoors.

Glass rooms are distinguishable from conservatories by their seamless and bright appearance. They use no brickwork or solid walls, which is how they achieve such an open feeling. It’s a better option for people who think conservatories are too closed in, or who don’t want to build an extension onto their existing building.

It’s entirely possible to get a glass room built without planning permission. Usually, they can just be added onto the side of a building without the difficulty of adding on a conservatory or orangery. They are quick and easy to construct if you hire an installation company that is reputable.