How to Improve Conservatory Insulation

Improving├é┬áconservatory insulation can improve the way you live in your home, allowing you to make more use of your conservatory and enjoy it in the most beneficial ways for you. If a conservatory is boiling hot or freezing cold, it’s not likely that you are going to enjoy using it, and therefore it really is in your best interests to make sure your conservatory is as well insulated as possible. These are some the ways in which you can make your conservatory better insulated, and better suited to you:

  • Insulated doors and windows. Make sure the doors and windows you have installed have a good energy rating. Older doors and windows will let in draughts and won’t be very warm during winter. You can also choose to have specialist types of glass, or you might decide to have window blinds to help with shade in summer.

Roofing. Much of the issues with a conservatory can occur with the roof. Lots of heat will escape from here in the colder spells, and when it’s sunny, the sunlight streaming through the roof may feel pleasant for a few minutes, but long term, it will be unbearable. By sorting out your roofing, you can eliminate a lot of these issues straight away. Choose a type of roofing that will control the temperature and the sunlight, such as a solar controlled glass roof. Light will still be able to come in, but it will be much less harsh, as some of its glare is reflected away. You can also choose tiles, which will give you less sunlight overall but a much better temperature. Lots of people like tiles, as they think this type of roofing looks more permanent. And if you miss the sunlight, you can always choose to include a rooflight as well.