Adding fencing to your garden for that extra security

Many people have fencing or hedges around their garden but if you don’t then you may want to consider it to add an extra layer of security. Although fences can often easily be climbed over, having a fence that is above waist height can act as a small deterrent to burglars and help avoid you falling victim to a crime. It is often the case that houses without fencing round become targets for criminal damage. This may not be serious damage but even if it is just plants that are damaged or ornaments that are pushed over, no one likes to think of anyone on their property without their permission.

There are some rules and regulations about fences and borders. Usually if you share your border with another neighbour, one side of your property is for you to maintain and the other border is for the other neighbour to look after. If you want to replace a fence, you need to find out which fence is your responsibility. If the neighbours do not want to change the fence then you may be able to erect another one on the inside as long as it is within your border.