Choosing between hedging or fencing for a garden

Most of our gardens have some type of boundary around them be it conifer or privet hedging or the popular larch lap fencing but if you want to change the boundary to your property which is the best option?

Many people choose fencing over hedging because of the necessity to prune the hedge at regular intervals which in turn means having to purchase a hedge trimmer or employ a gardener to prune the hedge for you. There is also the issue of getting rid of the hedge trimmings which can be a problem if you do not have the means to transport them to a local recycling centre or do not have a kerbside collection service for garden waste. Although fencing does still require some maintenance such as painting this will only need doing every couple of years.

If you are someone who is concerned with the decline in natural habitats you may be in favour of conserving hedgerows and garden hedges as they provide nesting sites for native birds and food and habitats for many insects and other small creatures. The greenery of a hedge also brings a sense of tranquillity to a garden even if there is no grassed area in the rest of the garden and so despite the increased maintenance required many householders still prefer a hedge to fencing.