Turning your garden in to a winter wonderland

Christmas is only a few weeks away and after the year we have all had, I think many of us are happy to welcome the festivities this year. Unfortunately there haven’t been many light switch ons or Christmas markets to enjoy so some people have decided to go all out this year with their own decorations. Christmas garden decorations can be expensive but if you shop at the right time and know where to look you can pick up some bargains.

Ideally the best time to buy Christmas decorations is in January time when they are all reduced, but this does involve planning ahead and lots of people do not want to be spending money on Christmas decorations at this time of year.

You need to ensure that you have places to plug in any outdoor lights in your garden. Ideally you want to install an outdoor socket or at least have a weather proof box which is waterproof. If you cannot get power to your garden, then you could opt for battery powered lights but you will need to remember to turn them on and off to save the batteries. Mains powered lights can be put on a time to make it easier.