Garden Robberies- More Common Than You’d Expect

Garden robberies are becoming more common as the days pass by. With the likes of the covid-19 pandemic, with all of us staying home. Thieves have not been daring enough to enter our homes, but our gardens are the next best options. Thieves have gone from breaking and entering into our homes to our gardens, but why is this? Why is this becoming more common?

Theives committing robbery in our gardens have become more common over the past year due to the covid-19 pandemic. With thieves not entering our homes, due to us all being home at all times. It is safer for them to stay away than to risk being caught. This is why they have decided to go for garden robberies.

You may be wondering why they would even think about robbing a garden. Well, surprisingly some items that you store in your garden can still be worth a lot of money. Look at it this way, your lawnmower in your shed may be worth just as much as a television in your home. A thief stealing this item will still be able to make money from this item, and they still are of high value.

So, how can we keep our gardens safe from thieve?

It is likely that you now want to know how you can keep your garden safe from thieves. We have spoken about this in more detail in a previous blog post but some of the main points include:

  • Make sure any gates to your garden are locked and secure.
  • Make sure your shed is locked before you go in for the night.
  • Check the quality of your locks every so often to ensure they are still providing their purpose.

Let’s all keep our gardens safe from these hideous garden thieves.