Separating your garden off into areas

If you have a large garden you may wish to create separate little areas. This could include an area where children can play in, an area to relax and unwind in and an area for growing vegetables or flowers. Havin separate areas allows you to maintain it easier. For example. In the area where the children can play or have their play equipment, you may wish to add bark or even rubberised mats. This can make it safer if they fall of the equipment.

You may want to grow flowers or vegetables but find that your soil is not very good. If you create a raised flower bed or beds you can then replace the soil with compost which will be perfect for growing.

A landscaper will be able to section of your garden ensure that the areas are positioned correctly for the sunlight. You may want the child’s area to be in the shade but the vegetable patch to have a lot of sunlight.

In the area where you want to be able to relax in or entertain, you may consider having decking, harden furniture and maybe even a fire pit. Keeping this area separate from where the children play will be a much safer option.