Hormann Doors for Every Property

One of the most appealing aspects of Hormann doors is their versatility; there truly is a Hormann garage door for essentially any and every property. From modern state of the art new builds, to small terraced houses where space is a challenge, to traditional country cottages, there will be a Hormann door to suit the aesthetic and provide the necessary practical requirements.
Protecting a garage and making sure it is fit for purpose is one of the most important aspects of choosing a new garage door. Older garage doors become damaged over the years and no longer fit for purpose. They can let out heat, become insecure and become difficult to open and close as well. For this reason, it is usually best to replace them when they get to this kind of age. Hormann doors are one of the most popular choices for New garage doors and it is easy to see why – they are well made, highly functional, beautiful, long lasting, and made by a brand with significant expertise in this area. Hormann is a market leading brand with significant expertise that both suppliers and consumers recognise the world over.
Hormann is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of steel doors. They date back to the 1940s, making them one of the most renowned and long standing manufacturers of doors for all applications, including domestic. Hormann is a name that both suppliers know about and that domestic customers know about as well – a Hormann door is a desirable thing to have. Hormann products feature many of the latest technologies and innovations that will help to make life easier, as well as being traditionally and classically made with style and robustness.
There are many types of Hormann doors you can choose from. If you haven’t bought a garage door in recent times, this might mean choosing a different type that will be a better fit for your home and everyday life. Look into the different types of doors that you can buy to find the best option for you before settling for a Hormann door. Here are some of the most popular types:
• Hormann sectional doors. Hormann is one of the most well known manufacturers of sectional doors in the whole world. High levels of quality in technology and manufacturing make these doors an appealing option for many homeowners. Sectional doors have a vertical opening mechanism, where the door opens into the roof and slides in neatly along tracks. They are excellent for garages where there might be limited space or low headroom, or for homes with small driveways where you may need to park closer to the garage door.
• Hormann up and over doors. There is a wide range of choices to make when selecting an up and over door. One of the first choices is the material: up and over doors come in steel, GRP and timber. These doors are manufactured in the UK using quality German parts from Hormann, and they can also be made in various sizes to order. There are many different designs and styles you can choose from so while these doors are simplistic, they are highly customisable.
• Hormann roller doors. These are double skinned aluminium doors with foam filled slats, which will be very well insulated to help keep your home and garage warmer. You can choose from many different colours and finishes, including woodgrain if preferred. Roller doors also make use of leading technology and will be a highly convenient choice, so if you want something that is simple and easy to operate, secure and attractive, a Hormann roller door can tick all of the boxes.
• Hormann side hinged doors. These doors are attractive and traditional while also making pedestrian access easier. They can be a popular choice for people who use garages as more than a storage space, for example, as a home gym or a workshop. When regular access is needed for pedestrians, a side hinged door from Hormann can be a good option.
• Hormann front doors. If a front door is what you are after, then Hormann offer three different ranges of aluminium and steel front doors. There are many different designs you can pick from and you can choose from certain bespoke features as well, including side lights.
A Hormann front or garage door is one of the best options you can pick for security, safety, style, design and reliability. Hormann doors can bring you many different benefits that will become clear when you see them in person and can recognise the quality they bring.