Protect your business from break ins

If your business premises is in an area that unfortunately suffers from lots of vandalism and burglary it is vitally important that you protect your premises as much as possible to prevent wrongful entry and theft.

The first security feature that is essential to have is good quality locks on doors and windows. It may be worth getting in a reputable security company to advise you on whether the locks are up to current standards and whether installing an alarm system with door and window sensors is worthwhile.

If your budget allows you may consider installing a CCTV system at the property. This would involve placing CCTV cameras at specific locations in and around the property with signage to alert possible thieves that CCTV is operational. This can act as a deterrent as well as providing evidence should there be a break in at the premises. Regular cleaning of cameras and sensors will reduce call outs for false alarms which can be a problem if business owners do not live nearby.

Security fencing around the property could be considered if the business is mainly outdoors such as a builder’s merchant or garden centre and should be fitted by professionals who will ensure that it complies with regulations that are in force regarding the safety of the fencing.