Which type of lock do I need?

When looking at purchasing locks for your home or business, the range of options can be overwhelming. There are many different types of locks and several different security factors to consider before purchasing. Although there are many types of locks, the four most common are padlocks, deadbolts, knob locks, and levers.

Padlocks are the only type of lock that is not permanently attached to anything else and so are often used on gates and sheds. Padlocks come in a range of sizes, are free standing and portable. They come in two main varieties with a combination lock or with a key. Combination locks have a number dial that opens the lock when the correct combination is entered however both types are often easy to decode or break open so not a good option if you want a high level of security.

Deadbolts are generally installed on external doors and have a few more options to consider than padlocks. Single cylinder deadbolts are found on many homes. They use a key cylinder on the outside and a lever on the inside to open or close the lock. A double cylinder deadbolt uses a key cylinder on the inside and the outside of the door These have the clear disadvantage of always requiring a key to open the door from the inside if it is locked. This can pose a significant problem in a fire or other emergency situation. If used in a residential situation, it is strongly recommended that a key is left on the inside when people are present to ensure a safe exit in an emergency.