Upgrade your garden security and fit CCTV

Gardens are often now regarded as an extension to the indoor living space of a property and many people spend huge amounts on garden furniture and features for their gardens. As our gardens cannot be made as secure as our houses this poses a security problem so what can be done to protect our gardens?

Installing CCTV in our homes has become a good solution to protecting our property from theft, so it is quite simple to have this level of security to our gardens too for a reasonable price.

When deciding where to site the CCTV cameras at the property make sure that at least one of the cameras covers the garden entrance and grounds. If possible, site the cameras behind shrubs so that they cannot be tampered with but check that the shrubs do not restrict the camera view. It is important to protect the cabling for the cameras from being cut by encasing them in metal trunking or even fit a wireless system so that the cameras can be sited wherever required.

Of course, as well as a security system, good quality gates and fencing should be used on the boundaries of the garden so that it is not easy for an intruder to gain access to the garden.