Are you getting the most out of your garden?

Having a garden at a property is sometimes seen as a luxury especially if the property is in an urban environment. Even if the outside area is small, perhaps just a patio area, a green and colourful haven can be created with just a little time and money.

To get that blank canvas that is important for any renovation project whether inside or outside the first thing to do is to get rid of any rubbish, broken garden furniture and pots and anything else that is cluttering up the space. Once this is done the new garden area can more easily be envisaged and planning can begin.

Start by looking at the ground. Are there lawned areas that need attention, areas that need reseeding or do slabbed sections need to be jet-washed? Getting the basics sorted out first will start the project off in the right way.

Next look at the flower beds and/or planters. Could some of the plants be left in situ and just simply pruned back or is it better to dig over beds, remove the old and buy new plants that will fill the beds with colourful flowering shrubs in the summertime?

When you are happy with your new garden area the final step is to buy some comfortable yet stylish garden furniture to complete the look, then just sit back and enjoy.