Gardening on a budget

Many people love the opportunity to get out in the garden whatever the weather and find that gardening provides many health and wellbeing benefits. Even a small garden can be made to be a little oasis from the busy life that many of us lead however, buying plants and ornaments for a garden can be costly and so it is wise to look for ways that will cut down on these costs.

Firstly, buying plants and shrubs from a garden centre is an expensive way to fill planters and borders so look for supermarket plants instead. You will not get the same variety of plants but as long as you look for plants that have plenty of leaves and perhaps some flower buds starting they should be fine. Look out for car boot sales locally as often there are plant stalls where new plants can be found or ask neighbours if you could take a cutting of some of the plants in their garden.

Garden tools are expensive and depending on the size of the garden and whether you have a lawn you only really need a spade, a trowel and some secateurs. You may be able to pick these up from an online auction site or even borrow them initially.