Transform Your Outdoor Space: The Ultimate Guide to Decking for Your Home

Picture this: a soft air of the venue, summer night, an occasional genesis of leaves, and you, a glass of wine and your new astonishing deck. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? That is the beauty of decking – it is not just an extra feature to your house; it is improvement of one’s life style.

Over the last few years, decking has grown to be one of the most popular trends among home owners in Britain and one cannot help but wonder why this is so. It is an efficient solution to increase the functional area of the house, design a covered territory, and raise the value of the house. No matter if you have large garden territory or small city territory owners can turn an open territory into an all-season multi purpose entertainment territory.

Choosing Your Perfect Deck: It’s the Material, Stupid

Indeed, it is almost unbelievable that there are various types of decking available in the market. Those days are now gone that required timber as your only option (although it’s still a rather amazing one, by the way). The market of today has a variety of materials that can be used in learning which are good in some ways and bad in the other.

And they turn to timber decking as well for a reason. It is comfortable, friendly, long-lasting with proper maintenance can go on for many years. Two of the most commonly used materials are cedar and pressure treated pine mainly for their stability and natural woody appearance on the exterior. But, at the same time, it should be noted that ownership of timber has its drawbacks, since such the décor requires constant polishing to remain sleak.

If you are looking for something slightly less time-consuming, then composite decking could be just the ticket. Consisting of wood fibres and recycled plastic, this one does not rot, is non-splintering, and comes in different colours and finishes. Although it might cost you slightly more at the beginning, the low maintenance is so much more in return.

For those with a green leaning there are those which are made from recycled plastic for the decking. It lasts long does not decay and facilitates reuse of those plastic bottles. Talk about a win-win!

Design Delights: Picking Your Paradise

Now, here you see the limelight of the entire affair. Designing your deck is like painting on a blank canvas – the sky is the limit or so it may seem. Whether it would be a multiple level entertainment area or just a corner where you can have your coffee in the morning, there are features on your deck that you can choose depending on what you are.

Built-in seating should also be considered in the contemporary design due to integration of space saving furniture. For some shade and a little something more romantic-put up a pergola. Or why not get an outdoor arrangement that consists of a full kitchen? Just imagine what you could do on those, the barbecues you are going to host certainly.

Don’t forget about lighting. A few strategically installed LEDs will help to turn your deck from the place that is suitable for daytime naps to the place that deserves to host an evening party. And for those cold British evenings, one must not forget. A fire pit or a patio heater can expand the season you can take full advantage of outdoors and push it to the autumn season.

The Nitty-Gritty: Planning and installation of green technology require some consideration in that the available technology have to be fixed i. e. Technology that is available cannot be changed and one has to work with it.

Before we run off with romantic images in our heads of candle-lit dinners on the terrace, you need to know this. In the first place ask whether the job will require you to have planning permission. Given that most decking projects are considered to be PD, it is recommended to consult the local council in case of complex constructions.

In this case, get to reflect on the orientation of the deck. Attn: Extreme exposure – The decks looking south will get the hottest part of the… sun and are ideal for sun lovers, while the north side is cooler. Consider the issue of privacy as well – no one want to live in the house that will give him that feel of ‘neighbours are watching me’ every time he is outside.

As for installation – although theoretically an easy job well-done, it is recommended to turn to professionals if you are not very experienced in it. An effectively constructed deck will require less maintenance and be safer, which means less problems (and possibly expenses) for you in the future.

Maintaining Your Deck: The Worst Thing You Can Say to Your Employees

Thus, if your deck has been installed, you don’t need much to wash it and look fabulous for many more years. For timber decks then, a simple clean and re-seal every year will be the best bet. Composite material is easier to maintain, most of the time one only has to hose it down with water and soap to clean it up.

Ensure you take your time to notice any board that seems to be coming off or any nail that has not been well done so as to ensure that you remove them before the summer begins. Some effort and time put now can save hundreds and thousands in the future.

And that’s it – your comprehensive look into how to get that dream deck built into your home. No matter if you want a new aesthetic pitch to your house, outdoor eating area, or just a place where you can have your cup of coffee every morning with fresh air- a perfect deck is a perfect solution. So why wait? Organise the garden of your dreams today and to enjoy this paradise even in Great Britain with it’s famous weather!