Which garden tools do I need for my garden?

If you have moved into a new property and for the first time have a garden you may not have any gardening tools so before you go out and buy some, here are some tips about the most important tools that you will need.

If you have a lawned area in the garden then a lawnmower will be one of the pieces of equipment you will probably need to buy. You may only need a small electric or battery powered model which should not be too expensive. Some retailers do a special offer of a lawnmower and a strimmer for a set price so you will be able to trim around the edges of the lawn before mowing.

A quality pair of secateurs is great for pruning back shrubs in the garden and if there are trees a pair of long-handled loppers will make cutting back in autumn much easier.

A spade is probably going to be needed if there are any flower beds to dig over but when it comes to weeding, a hoe can make weeding between plants easier. Smaller tools such as trowels and forks are good when planting out young plants in pots and planters or for weeding between slabs on the patio.