The Potential Benefits of Self Cleaning Glass

The relatively recent invention of self cleaning glass, or, as marketed by pilkington (the inventors), Pilkington activ, is a film of titanium oxide, which is then adhered to any type of window. This product has been around for over a decade, and although it doesn’t quite accomplish what it says, it is a very effective tool you can use in order to keep your conservatory, or sky lights clean. The way it works is that any water which strikes the window becomes “hydrophilic”, meaning that it can’t form droplets, and just flows off the window in a equal sheet of water. It also helps to break down any adhesive factor in dirt. All of this can quite effectively clean windows, so long as the water strikes it head on. This of course means that it is very effective when cleaning a roof light. Any type of window can be treated with this method, including ones which have already been installed. It takes a lot of the aggravation out of owning a good glass room, and owning it could save you a lot of time.