Uses for a Conservatory

For many people, the conservatory may often be an area of the house with no clear function and it can end up as a dumping ground for children’s toys, a place to air clothes or store bulky objects like bikes or pet supplies. It is no surprise that people may not want to spend time sitting and relaxing in the conservatory if they are surrounded by wet washing and bags of dog biscuits!

The best conservatories are those which have a distinct use.

It may be that the conservatory is an extension of the kitchen and is the ideal place to locate the dining table and dining chairs.

If your conservatory receives sunshine through most of the year then it may be the perfect location for a garden room, with a tiled floor and comfortable occasional armchairs and a glass coffee table. Use house plants as accessories to help “bring your garden into your home”.

If you work from home, then you might want to make your conservatory your study. The view overlooking the garden may just give you the inspiration and motivation that you need for working efficiently.

A conservatory can be an ideal playroom, especially if attached to a kitchen or a kitchen dining area, enabling you to carry out household chores and cook whilst easily supervising the children nearby.