Looking after your lawn in the Spring

As soon as the weather becomes warmer and the days grow longer, you will have no doubt noticed that the grass on your lawn has started to grow.

In order to look after your lawn, it is important that you cut it regularly throughout the spring and summer. However, for the first mowings of the year, in early spring, you would be well advised to treat your lawn gently. Do not cut if the grass is wet or suffering from a frost. Make sure you set the mower blades on high for the first and second cuts of the year. Afterwards, you can gradually lower your blades.

Over the winter months, moss can become well established on some lawns. Use a suitable moss-killer to spray or scatter on your lawn and then rake up the dying moss a few days later. Small patches of weeds can either be dug up carefully, making sure that you get rid of all of the root or you could use a lawn weedkiller to clear up any weeds.

For a really green, soft carpet of grass, make sure you feed your lawn regularly throughout the growing season with a suitable lawn feed.