Making your garden easier to maintain

For many people, their garden is their sanctuary, somewhere where they can relax after a hard day at work or a place to entertain family and friends. It may be however that the time they have to spend on looking after the garden is limited and so an easy to maintain garden is ideal in this situation.

Regular maintenance of the garden usually involves mowing a lawn which means owning and storing a lawnmower but with the wide selection of artificial grass on sale now this need not be an issue. Good quality artificial grass looks very realistic and can be cut to size and laid quite simply providing a green space in the garden.

Large pots with castors attached containing plants are a good alternative to borders that will need regular weeding and can be moved around the garden to suit your tastes. Once planted up in spring they will need little attention throughout the summer months and can be planted with winter flowering plants in the autumn.

Many people choose to have decking installed in their gardens, but regular cleaning and painting is required to ensure the surface does not become slippery. Gravel or slabs are a better alternative as they do not need as much maintenance.