Choosing fencing for your garden

When it comes to fencing there is a huge selection to choose from. You need to decide why is a suitable for your hone. It may be that you do not want a big tall fence all the way around your house in which case a three foot fence may be suitable. If you want to add a fence for an additional level of security, then you will probably need a taller fence. You need to ensure that you find be out what the rules and regulations are regarding planning permission. If you want to install a fence that is higher than one meter where it is to be positioned next to a highway or a footpath on a highway or two meters if located anywhere else. This is very important to understand as you may be asked to take it down if you do not follow the rules and have not had prior permission.

When choosing a fence, you also need to consider the material that will be used. It may be that you decide on a wooden one. This will need to be tested each year to protect the wood from the weather elements. Metal ones pay last a little longer but they can rust if not looked after correctly and will need repainting every few years.