Screening or partitioning off a part of your garden

Screening is often used to separate different parts of a garden and to differentiate between the varying functions of a garden. For instance, you may want screening to hide compost or rubbish bins or you may want to erect some screening to separate flower beds from the vegetable growing area. Screening is mostly used to create an enclosed space within a garden but is not suitable to use as a security fence between your property and a neighbour’s nor as a fence to keep in a boisterous dog or other pets. However, as well as looking attractive, screening can provide some privacy within a garden.

Bamboo screening is quite popular at the moment and is usually sold in rolls from large garden centres but you may also want to consider reed screens or brushwood screening. PVC screening can provide a quick, temporary solution and is easy to maintain. You may want to consider making or cultivating a natural screen with a row of willows, for instance, or ferns. Willows are fast growing and are easy to prune and cut back if they start to become straggly or untidy.

Do be aware that most types of screening may not be robust enough to stand up to high winds, Summer storms or heavy snowfalls and they may become easily damaged by animals or children playing.