Water features for the Garden

Most home owners are keen to stamp their own style on their home, reflecting their eclectic tastes and the personality of the family living within its walls. The same can be true of the garden though for many people they often require a garden which is also easy to maintain and look after.

A water feature can be a focal point of interest in a garden and easy to maintain. For many of us, the sound of running or trickling water makes us feel tranquil and serene and reminds us of babbling brooks and splashing in streams as children. Running water can be mesmerising and we often find it hard to resist putting our hands into cool, flowing water.

Even if you have a relatively small garden, you could probably still find room to position a small water feature. Water features come in a huge number of designs from smooth spheres to rocky outcrops and traditional fountains. They are also available in a large choice of materials including shiny chrome or stainless steel, grey slate and light coloured stone or granite.

Once you have your water feature installed, all you then need is a deckchair, a bright sunny day and time to doze whilst listening to the water flowing nearby.