Is your garden secure?

As the warmer weather and lighter evenings approach, many of us are starting to look forward to being able to spend more time outside in our gardens. If you want to do some improvements to your garden. Now may be a great time to start in readiness for the summer.

It is important you consider the security of your garden for a number of reasons. Firstly, you may decide to buy some nice new furniture or water feature and the last thing you want is it stolen from your garden. Secondly, gardens that have additional security often put burglars off from trying to enter the home and thirdly, there has been a massive increase in dog thefts recently and dogs have been taken from people’s garden.

To improve your security, make sure that there is a perimeter fence around the edge, either a wooden fence or a high thick hedge. If you do have a hedge you may wish to put chicken wire or a fence the other side or it as an extra layer of security. If you have gates, try to keep them locked when you are out. Installing CCTV can not only catch any criminals in the act but can also be enough to put them off in the first place.