Cutting down trees to open up your garden

If you feel like you are losing a lot of space or light due to overgrown bushes r tress in your garden then now may be the time to prune them back. If you are going to be cutting down trees or trimming back bushes then you need to act very quickly, as if they have already started to bud or if birds have started to nest in them, then you may need to leave it until after the summer.

Some trees can be protected and it is against the law to chop them down or even prune them without prior permission. You will be able to contact your local council to find out if there is a TPO order on the tree and if there is, how you go about applying for permission to prune it back.

Cutting back trees and bushes can really give you a lot of extra space and often the added light that it will let through can help your garden thrive. Not many plants can live without sunlight, so you may find that shady areas of the garden lack any sort of life and can often just become muddy patches where nothing grows.