How to attracts birds into your garden?

You do not have to be an avid bird spotter to appreciate bird life and want to attract them into your garden. If you have cats or a dog that could be a threat to bird life then you may have to think carefully before trying to coax them in as it could be quite dangerous for them.

Birds are quite simple creatures and need food and water on a daily basis. Having a bird bath not only looks attractive but also can help to bring more birds to your garden. If you do not have a bird bath and do not want to fork out on a large stone one, then just putting a bowl of water out on the floor or on a table can be enough.

When it comes to food, if you want to attract a number of different species of birds then you need to offer different foods. Some birds like to feed from a feeder, some from the table and others from the floor. Some birds such as robins like to feed on worms and insects and often can be found digging in potted plants so having some of these around is a good idea.