Making Your Garden Animal Safe – Pet Addition

Whether you have your own pet or want to look after your local wildlife, making your garden animal safe is a must. There is however a few difference between making your garden safe for your own pets and your local wildlife, we will discuss your own pet safety today.

Making Your Garden Safe For Your Pet
When you have a pet, you will want your garden to be a safe place for them to run around and explore without the risk of them getting hurt, escaping or poorly.

One of the first things you want to do to ensure your garden is safe for your pet is to walk the perimeter. Make sure there are no easy escape routes for your pet. This includes replacing any dodgy fence panels, filling any holes in the ground, and ensuring the gate shuts effectively and stays shut.

Another aspect you will want to consider with regards to making your garden safe for your pets is the plants. Some plants are dangerous for animals and can make them extremely poorly if digested. You will want to ensure you remove any poisonous plants to keep your pet safe when exploring your garden.

You will also want to consider what decorative pieces you are using for your garden. Some of your decorative pieces may be harmful to your pet. For example, items with sharp edges may cause your pet to become injured if caught on. Small stones may also be swallowed by your pet which could, unfortunately, end in them passing away.

There are so many things you need to consider when making your garden safe for your pet. You should always complete these checks before your pet new or old is allowed out to play in your garden.